Client Reviews

Derbyshire Blood Bikes
"Derbyshire Blood Bikes is a charitable organisation and your ongoing support and dedication to assist me personally in my endeavours to improve the charity website is wonderful.
The financial donation your company makes each and every year to Derbyshire Blood Bikes to reduce the website running costs for the charity is also wonderful.
We now have a https website which is fundamental for the charity and your guidance and support to achieve this was fast and efficient.
Emma Harper

Jeep Promotions
"Having been with webbworlds for over 8 years now, I have found their service to be excellent. When problems have come up, they are on to it very quickly and try and put the problem right as soon as they can. Help is always on hand, if they can help you there and then, they do, if not, they get back to you asap. Overall an excellent company to deal with, and come highly recommended."
Mark Askew

Coffee Rush
"The service was faultless, a knowledgeable and friendly team. Webb Worlds have maintained our online presence for many years and would recommend the company 100%."
Robbie Higginson

Lightlink - UK
"We used Vince to build our website. After the initial consultation, Vince came back with various ideas and from there we had 2 further consultations before the site went live. We have been more than happy with the service provided and how quickly they managed to translate our initial ideas into a website. Great job!"
Kirsty Wearing

Tapton Juniors
"We approached Webb Worlds to do us a small website, we did not have a very big budget but had got some money together. We were delighted when at the project meeting their MD told us of a scheme they were doing for another client and how as their software partners they were giving any football club, charity or any other good cause a small 3 page website completely free and we now have a great little website that cost us nothing, even better we are earning from it. Webb Worlds did not even have to mention the scheme and by doing so they lost a paid job but their MD is really committed to helping small clubs and causes that he suggested we utilise the free website rather than pay him. The service was excellent."
Lisa Garfoot

4 funding
"I have to say Webb Worlds are absolutely excellent. They have built us a really large and complicated software system and integrated it into a website front end that they built. They are always courteous, their designers are really good even though we kept changing our minds and doing things slightly different they were always patient. As for project management they were always on the ball and kept us on track rather than us keeping them on target. All in all they were really friendly to deal with and it was an enjoyable project. As for the price well they were real value for money. We did get a couple of cheaper quotes but these companies did not really seem to understand what we wanted, they asked no questions just put a price in so we are not sure they could have delivered. On the other hand we also had companies quote quite a bit more and apart from one who wanted twice as much they also did not fill us with confidence that they understood what we wanted. So we feel we got the best job and the best price, so we are happy. Would recommend them to anyone who wants a good professional job doing with superb support."
Tony Marshall

"Webb Worlds did a fantastic job. We are a scaffolding company and as you may appreciate we are not particularly Internet savvy. However we now look after and manage our own website using their SiteMaster software which is great. Webb Worlds looked after us every step of the way constantly communicating with us and even when we changed our minds they were great. They never charged us any extra and we did change our minds quite a few times which really surprised us as our previous web designers charges for everything. We love our website and we are now working with Webb Worlds on marketing our website and this has already increased our sales even in this tough climate. They are really good at keeping the jargon out of all discussions and even we understand what they say. I would recommend these guys to anyone. They are absolutely fantastic value for money."
Jonathon McArdle

110 Users
"Wonderful tool, it is so easy to use. I have looked into several so called content managers and this is by far the best (it is also much cheaper, still not sure how you do it!). The contact manager is really good I use it regularly to great effect. What else can I say, it's the best, it works and it gives me complete control of my online presence."
John O'Grady

Jeep Promotions
"Back in February 2008, my 'then' website hosting company took it upon themselves to close down, which left me with a huge problem....
[Webb Worlds] got both websites fully up and running and was just what I'd asked for. Back up assistance was only a call away, and was dealt with very quickly, if any problems arose. I have been 100% satisfied with all the work carried out by Webb Worlds and all their staff. So if anyone was ever thinking of going over to Webb Worlds for work on their websites etc. then I can highly recommend them.
Mark Askew